Sunday 23 June 2013


This years summer series was the first in memory of our good friend Gordon. After eight hard matches, split between Tansley and Cawdor, it went right down to the last match to decide the winner. After showing consistent form on all matches, Mark (THE MASTER) Wain came out on top, with Asa Cooper coming second and Gordon`s oldest and one of his best friends John Barfoot coming a close third. Full results for all matches are on league 2013 page. Many thanks to all who fished and a special thanks to John, who donated a wonderful shield which he presented to the winner.
1st. Mark ( The Master) Wain.
2nd. Asa (The Roach Man) Cooper.
3rd. Mr John Barfoot.
4th. Dave (The Destroyer) Clarke.
5th. Pete Hunt.

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