Sunday 14 July 2013


Eight members fished this monthly match, on a hot clear day the fishing was going to be challenging. From the first put in, there were a lot of fish cruising up in the water not interested in any feed that was put in. All anglers caught fish from the start, but as the temperature rose the catch rate slowed. The eventual winner Dave Fowler took advantage of all the bream cruising, lowering a piece of floating bread in front of them and hooking into a good carp of about 5lb, which was in  with the bream, add this to a good net of perch and skimmers he was a worthy winner. Runner up was Nigel Ellis who also caught a carp. Third and Fourth was a close battle, with Mark (THE MASTER) Wain taking it by 3oz from Mr John Barfoot. We must mention the angler in 5th place, Asa (THE ROACH MAN) Cooper who had a tremendous net of 130 silver fish.
1st. Dave Fowler, 12.2lb
2nd. Nigel Ellis, 11.1lb.
3rd. The Master, 8.15lb
4th. John Barfoot, 8.12
5th. Asa Cooper, 7.2lb

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