Friday 31 December 2010

2010 Match results (All)

Sunday 27th December
River Derwent Matlock 
The last match of 2009 took place on a steadily rising River Derwent but despite this good weights recorded by the anglers fishing . The match was won by Nigel Ellis on Peg 69 in the park who finished with 8lbs 0ozs winning by just five ounces from second placed M Bent who had 7lbs 11ozs of Peg 44 at Artist Corner . Third was D Fowler with 6lbs 2ozs from Peg 75 in the park.
1st   N Ellis   8lbs 0zs   Peg 69
2nd  M Bent  7lbs 11ozs Peg 44
3rd D Fowler  6lbs 2ozs Peg 75
4th A Cooper 5lbs 4ozs Peg 82
5th R Simpson 4lbs 14ozs Peg 65

Sunday 6th November
Fur and Feather Cawdor and Tansley Ponds
This years match was held on the club ponds due to the high levels on the River Derwent after the recent heavy rains and 45 anglers took part. The draw for the match would prove all important with the ponds at Cawdor crystal clear and  half of the pond at Tansley the same. It was thought that the winning weight would come from the arm at Tansley and so it proved, with four out of the top six weights coming from there. The winner was R Bonson from Peg 17 at Tansley with a weight of 16lbs 14ozs made up of mainly chub and bream .In second place was A Cooper from Peg 16 at Tansley with 11lbs 4ozs again chub and bream making up his weight.In third was C Ashbrook on Peg 14 at Tansley with a bream and roach net of 8lbs 9ozs and M Harrison who fished Peg 3 at Cawdor for a silver fish net also for 8lbs 9ozs.
The draw and breakfast and also the presentation was at the Red Lion Matlock Green and thanks go to them and Asa and the others who helped before and on the day , this included many hours work at Cawdor for the week beforehand to get these ponds fishable and raffle prize donations , this match continues to be the highlight of the clubs match calendar and this is in no small part due to hours of work put in to make this event successful.
The full result and hamper winners were :-

1st  R Bonson        16lbs 14ozs        Tansley
2nd  A Cooper        11lbs 4ozs          Tansley
3rd=  C Ashbrook     8lbs 9ozs         Tansley
3rd= M Harrison     8lbs 9ozs          Cawdor
5th  J Lamb              6lbs 1oz            Cawdor
6th= R Cantrill        5lbs 4ozs           Tansley
6th= M Bretnall       5lbs 4ozs           Cawdor
8th  P Bradshaw      4lbs 12ozs         Tansley
9th  T Hopley            4lbs 3ozs          Cawdor
10th C Hargreaves   3lbs 14ozs       Cawdor
11th D Fowler           3lbs 9ozs          Tansley
12th T Carline         3lbs 8ozs            Cawdor
13th D Greatorex      3lbs 0 oz          Tansley
14th B Ball               2lbs 15 ozs         Tansley
15th C Cantrill         2lbs 8ozs           Cawdor
16th  D Clark             2lbs  6ozs         Tansley
17th=  J Renolds      2lbs 4ozs             Tansley
 17th= G Slack           2lbs 4ozs            Cawdor
19th D Taylor           2lbs 2ozs            Cawdor
20th D Thornley    2lbs 1oz                Cawdor

Sunday 8th November Cawdor PondsThis match was fished by 10 club members on what was one of the coldest mornings yet of this winter the fishing suffered due to this and all but a few struggled to find fish in any numbers feeding. The match was won by A Cooper who had 9 lbs 0oz of silver fish from peg 15  second was M Gregory whose 8 lbs 0zs was boosted by a couple of good bream . In third was C Cantrill who caught silver fish for his 4lbs 9ozs weight. In fourth and only other to weigh in was D Fowler with 4lbs 4ozs.

1st A Cooper

Sunday 1st November Monthly Match River Derwent Matlock & Matlock Bath
This match was fished by 11 club members on a shocking day with heavy rain causing a rapidly rising river to turn a chocolate brown with plenty of dubious matter flowing in it.The match was won by M Holmes who had 9 grayling for his winning weight of 3lbs 9ozs

1st M Holmes

Sunday 11th October Tansley PondTwelve anglers took part in the latest club match and due to the onset of Autumn the colder weather ment the fish were not feeding and this showed in the weights. First place went to R Bonson who caught skimmers late on in the match on peg 7 for his winning weight of 8lbs 2ozs, second place went to Tony Carline with 6lbs 12ozs and  in third place was Asa Cooper with 4lbs 4ozs. The result could have been different if Gary Slack had landed a hooked carp in the last few minutes and also Mark Gregory who hooked and lost one earlier in the match.
1st R Bonson      8lbs 2ozs  Peg 7
2nd T Carline      6lbs12ozs Peg 12
3rd A Cooper      4lbs 4ozs  Peg 17
4th C Cantrill      3lbs 0ozs  Peg 22
5th  D Fowler      2lbs 2ozs  Peg 10

Sunday 4th October Monthly Match River Derwent Matlock
Fourteen anglers took part in Octobers monthly match on what was a bright autumn day with the odd shower. The river level was very low due to no rain in September and running very clear,this tended to put the shoals of grayling in certain areas. The match was fished from Matlock Park down to artists corner and the winner Asa Cooper drew peg 63 and had 39 grayling for his winning weight of 14lbs 2ozs , second was Dave Fowler with 11lbs 0zs which on any other day would have been enough to win , from peg 75. Third was Malc Bent with 6lbs 12ozs from peg 48. All anglers caught and the river fished well even at its low level. The winning weight set a new club record for a match on the River Derwent

1st A Cooper    14lbs 2ozs Peg 63
2nd D Fowler    11lbs 0zs  Peg 75
3rd M Bent      6lbs 12ozs  Peg 48
4th= R Stone    5lbs 13ozs  Peg 57
4th= M Gregory 5lbs 13ozs Peg 73

 1st A Cooper

Sunday 16th August Cawdor Ponds G Page Memorial Match

Fourteen anglers took part in this years match and found the fishing very good on both of the ponds . The top two weights coming from the small pond with R Bonson on Peg 24 winning the match with a mixed net of fish including a couple of decent carp for 24lbs 0ozs . Second also on the small pond on Peg 29 was A Cooper with again a mixed net of fish for 15lbs 10ozs. Third went to T Hopley on Peg 1 on the large pond with 15lbs 5ozs. The winner also beat the club previous best for a match on Cawdor ponds with his winning weight.The full result was

1st  R Bonson  24lbs 0ozs  Peg 24
2nd  A Cooper 15lbs 10ozs  Peg 29
3rd T Hopley  15lbs 5ozs Peg 1
4th J Lamb  14lbs 8ozs Peg 19
5th D Fowler 10lbs 12ozs Peg 20

Angling Trust Division 1 National Result.
Matlock AC came 30th out of 69 teams competing

Matlocks AC
A 57Richard Wood170047
B 58Stephen Umney222063
C 53Peter Bradshaw58022
D 23Michael Brentnalll1802
E 15David Fowler235063
F 34Gary Slack101
G 41Robert Ball138036
H 28Michael Wright41011
J 09Phil Hill298059
K 69James Mills147052
Total = 13280 gmTotal = 356
Average Weight = 1,328.00 gmAverage Points = 35.60

Tuesday nights at Tansley Pond winners.
2nd June  C Hargreaves
9th June A Cooper
16th June A Cooper

Sunday 7th June Cawdor Ponds
The final match of the summer series took place in torrential rain and the turnout of thirteen was as poor as the weather.With the series already won it was the places below to be decided ,along with the best weights for the competition. The match was won with an all silver fish net of 11lbs 4ozs by Asa Cooper on Peg 19 second was R Bonson with 10lbs 13ozs from Peg 15 which included a couple of carp and third was R Needham with 10lbs 2ozs from Peg 29 on the small pond.
The full result was
1st  A Cooper   11lbs 4ozs  Peg 19
2nd R Bonson  10lbs 13ozs Peg 15
3rd R Needham 10lbs 10ozs Peg 29
4th D Fowler     10lbs 2ozs   Peg 24
5th D Greatorex  6lbs 8ozs  Peg 23
Section winners were A Cooper R Needham and M Gregory
The series was won by Julian Lamb with 29 points out of 30 . second was Rick Needham with 27 points and a tie for third on 26 points was won on the total weight caught by Asa Cooper.

  1st A Cooper

 Series winner J Lamb
Many thanks to Asa for again running the series this year

Sunday 31st  May Tansley Pond
The latest match of the series was fished by 16 anglers on what was the hottest weekend of the year so far this affected the fish with large shoals to be seen on the surface. The carp in Mac Bents peg seemed unafected by the heat and he caught three for 19lbs 4ozs on peg 10 for first place, second was Julian Lamb with 12lbs 2ozs which won him his section and theseries overall with one match left, third was Rick Needham with 7lbs 7ozs.
The full result was
1st    M Bent 19lbs  4ozs  Peg 10
2nd J Lamb  12lbs 2ozs    Peg 12 
3rd R Needham 7lbs 7ozs Peg  8
4th M Gregory 4lbs 14ozs Peg 17
5th K Wood    4lbs 7ozs   Peg 20
Section winners were J Lamb M Bent A Cooper & K Wood
 1st Malc Bent

Sunday 17th  May Cawdor Ponds
Eighteen anglers took part in the latest of the series matches on an overcast day and the rain managed to stay off until the end of the mastch. Again the draw was all important and the specialists Dave Fowler and Rick Needham did their usual and pulled the two favoured end pegs once again, with Dave winning the match with 13lbs 7ozs from Peg 1 with Rick second with 12bs 4ozs from Peg 20.Third was Asa Cooper who drew the same Peg 29 for the third match in a row and ended with 9lbs15ozs. The full result was :-
1st  D Fowler   13lbs 7ozs  Peg 1
2nd  R Needham  12lbs 4ozs  Peg 20
3rd A Cooper  9lbs 15ozs  Peg 29
4th  D Clark  7lbs 14ozs  Peg 24
5th  J Lamb  7lbs 1ozs  Peg  11
Section winners were  J Barfoot J Lamb C Cantrill and D Fowler
The series remains a close thing with Julian Lamb leading by two points from R Needham who is a point ahead of John Barfoot in third.
 1st D Fowler

Sunday 10th  May Tansley Pond
Match five of the series was fished at Tansley pond on a bright and pleasant day , the fish again seemed to be grouped at one end of the pond making it important to get a good draw. Rick Needham did just that to win with 13lbs 8ozs of mainly skimmer bream from Peg 17 which was also the golden peg on the day. Second was Davew Greatorex with 7lbs 10ozs from Peg 14 and a close third was Dave Clark with 7lbs 7ozs from peg 20.
The full result was:-
1st  R Needham   13lbs 8ozs   Peg 17
2nd  D Greatorex  7lbs 10ozs  Peg 14
3rd  D Clark         7lbs 7ozs   Peg 20
4th T Carline     6lbs 10ozs     Peg 12
5th C Cantrill    6lbs 0ozs     Peg  10
1st R Needham
The league points table is being led by J Lamb with 22 points from R Needham and last years winner D Clark who are one behind with 21 points.

Sunday 3rd May  Cawdor Ponds
The fourth of this years spring/summer league matches took place at a very windy Cawdor which made fishing a long pole difficult. Nineteen anglers fished the match which was won by Dave Fowler on Peg 20 with a weight of 11lbs 12ozs , second was Asa Cooper who had an all small siver fish net of 6lbs 10ozs from Peg 29 on the small pond. Third was Rick Needham again with a silver fish net of 5lbs 7ozs from Peg 5.
The full result was;-
1st D Fowler   11lbs 12ozs   Peg 20
2nd A Cooper   6lbs 10ozs   Peg 29
3rd R Needham   5lbs 7ozs    Peg 5
4th  J Lamb      4lbs 14ozs   Peg 11 
5th D Greatorex  4lbs 10ozs  Peg 3
Section winners were M Bent J Lamb R Needham and D Fowler

Sunday 19th April  Tansley Pond
Match three of this years summer series took place at Tansley pond, with the twenty anglers competing finding he fish concentrated in the centre section of the pond feeding well but anglers in other areas struggling to catch. As the previous week Julian Lamb drew well and againg produced the winning weight, with 8lbs 7ozs from Peg 13, second was Malc Bent with 8lbs 1oz from Peg 11 and third was D Clark with 7lbs 12ozs from Peg 12. It was a tale of the ones that got away as several anglers lost good fish which would have changed the result.
The full result was;-
1st   J Lamb          8lbs  7ozs      Peg 13
2nd M Bent           8lbs 1oz        Peg 11
3rd  D Clark       7lbs  12ozs     Peg 12
4th  J Barfoot       6lbs 2ozs      Peg 20
5th A Cooper      4lbs 10ozs       Peg 3
Section winners were M Bent K Wood J Barfoot and J Lamb
In the league standings John Barfoot continues his perfect start with a section win gaining maximum points and leads by two points from second placed Julian Lamb.

Sunday 12th April  Cawdor Ponds
The second match of the Summer Series took place at Cawdor ponds on a dull but fine day with the sun making an appearance towards the end of the match. The eighteen anglers taking part found the fishing hard as in the previous week at Tansley with only Roach and the odd skimmer Bream feeding. The winner was Julian Lamb who had a net of silver fish for a weight of 8lbs 4ozs caught mainly in the first four hours from Peg 19 on the large pond. Second was Asa Cooper who again caught a mainly Roach net of fish from Peg 29 on the small pond with 5lbs 10ozs.In third was Rick Needham with a silver fish net of 5lbs 8ozs from Peg 1 on the large pond. John Barfoot is the early leader in the league standings having picked up the maximum 10 points from the first two matches of the series.
The full result was;-
1st   J Lamb          8lbs  4ozs      Peg 19
2nd A Cooper       5lbs 10ozs      Peg 29
3rd  R Needham     5lbs  8ozs    Peg 1
4th  D Greatorex  4lbs 10ozs      Peg 15
5th D Clark         3lbs 12ozs     Peg 3
Section winners were A Cooper D Clark J Barfoot and J Lamb
1st J Lamb

Sunday 5th April   Tansley Pond
The first match in the summer series took place on Sunday at Tansley pond with nineteen anglers taking part. A frost the night before put paid to any big weights being caught and the fishing was hard all over the pond. The winner was Mark Gregory who fished across the pond to find the larger fish on Peg 10 to finish with 4lbs 8ozs for first place. Second by just one ounce was N Ellis who caught consistantly throughout the match to finish just one ounce behind with 4lbs 7ozs on Peg 20. Third was G Slack who was the only one to catch a carp ,this added to a few small fish gave him a weight of 3lbs 5ozs from Peg 1.
The full result
1st M Gregory   4lbs 8ozs  Peg 10
2nd N Ellis        4lbs 7ozs  Peg  20
3rd  G Slack     3lbs 5ozs     Peg 1 
4th  R Wood     2lbs 15ozs   Peg  8 
5th M Bent       2lbs 11ozs   Peg  24
Section winners were G Slack M Gregory J Barfoot and N Eliss
 1st M Gregory
The full result and standings is in the Summer Series 2009 section

Wednesday 11th
March River Derwent Matlock
The last of the river season matches took place on the Derwent with a good turnout of twenty one anglers on a midweek fixture .The river was running higher than usual and was dirty from the rain the prevoius days , this made fishing difficult in areas but the winner Dave Taylor found grayling and chub on Peg 44 at Artist corner feeding ,and won easily by nearly five pounds with 12lbs from second placed Bob Ball who had 7lbs 2ozs from Peg 71a in Matlock Park. Third was Steph Umney with 5lbs 4ozs from Peg 49 also on Artist corner.
The full result was;-
1st   D Taylor    12lbs  0oz   Peg 44
2nd  B Ball     7lbs 2ozs   Peg 71a
3rd  S Umney  5lbs  4ozs    Peg 49
4th  R Bonson     5lbs  1oz 
5th   M Bent       4lbs 11ozs
Section winners were R Bonson, A Cooper and R Ford
 1st D Taylor

Sunday 8th March  
River Derwent Matlock
A smaller than usual turnout of fourteen anglers competed in the latest match on the River Derwent ,but the match threw up an interesting result in a close finish with the top five anglers seperated by only four ounces ,with four anglers finishing on the same weight to tie for secnd place. The winner was match secretary Asa Cooper who finished with 5lbs 10ozs from Peg 120 at the Snitterton stretch of the river.The result was:-
1st  A Cooper    5lbs  10ozs    Peg 120
2nd =   J Gregory        5lbs 6ozs
2nd =    S Umney        5lbs 6ozs
2nd =     D Clark         5lbs 6ozs
2nd =   M Harrison      5lbs 6ozs
  1st A Cooper

Sunday 1st March
Monthly Match River Derwent Matlock
Eighteen anglers fished the monthly match on a low level River Derwent from the Snitterton stretch through to Artist Corner . The match secretary put in some different pegs for the match and this proved to be a success with fish being caught on the them.The match was won by Dave Fowler with 7lbs 0oz from Peg 71a in the park with second going to R Bonson with 6lbs 6ozs from Peg 120 , third was J Barfoot with 6lbs 0oz on Peg 57.Section winners were S Umney , B Ball and D Clark.
1st D Fowler          7lbs 0ozs       Peg 71a
2nd R Bonson       6lbs 6ozs       Peg 120
3rd J Barfoot        6lbs 0oz          Peg  57
4th  S Umney        5lbs 11ozs      Peg 115
5th  B Ball             5lbs 1ozs        Peg 90
 1st D Fowler

Saturday 28th February
Angling Times/VDE  Supercup First Round
An eight man team representing Matlock AC took part in the 1st round of the supercup on Saturday, and after numerous practice sessions at Lodge Farm Fishery , came away with a convincing win against the host team Vale AC Red and Tupton AC . These matches are fished in eight three man sections with the best results counting towards the team score. The Matlock team won 7 out of the 8 sections to comfortably progress through to the next round . They also had the overall match winner with Daz Newman winning with 43lbs made up of small stockie carp. The first round has to be completed before the 8th March after which the draw will be made for the next round of the competition. 
Matlock team was A Cooper, D Fowler, B Ball, D Fantom, D Newman ,R Wood , M Holmes & J Thornley

Sunday 1st February
 Monthly Match River Derwent Matlock & Matlock Bath Matlock v Middleton A C
Thirty two anglers took part in the latest match on the River Derwent on a bitterly cold day with biting winds and snow flurries. The match was against Middleton AC who had two section wins by their club members. Grayling dominated the match with Mark Gregory the winner with 7lbs 10ozs from the boathouse Peg 57 , second was Julian Lamb with 6lbs 5ozs from Peg 71 in the park . Third was Mick Harrison with 6lbs 1oz from Peg 36 at Matlock Bath. The full result was;
1st M Gregory      7lbs 10ozs     Peg 57
2nd J Lamb           6lbs 5ozs       Peg 71
3rd M Harrison      6lbs 1oz       Peg  36
4th= D Clark         5lbs 12ozs      Peg 60
4th= A Cooper      5lbs 12ozs      Peg 65
Section winners were D Fowler, B Ball, D Jackson, G Hartwell, J Rick , A Cooper & D Clark

Tansley Pond
The first of these years’ matches on the ponds took place at Tansley pond on a cold and sunny day which made the fishing difficult for the fourteen anglers who took part. First place went to Steph Umney who caught Carp Chub and Perch from Peg 12 using caster and maggot for his winning weight of 16lbs 0oz . Second placed Asa Cooper had an all Roach net of 4lbs 9ozs from Peg 22 and third was Matt Taylor who had one Carp of 4lbs 2ozs on Peg 10. The full result was :

1st   S Umney    16lbs 0zs   Peg  12
2nd A Cooper    4lbs  9ozs  Peg  22
   3rd  M Taylor   4lbs 2ozs    Peg  10 
 4th  M Bent        1lb   7ozs  Peg  4
5th   T Hopley        1oz         Peg 20

Section  Winners  were  T Hopley and M Bent


1st S Umney 16 lbs 0oz

Sunday 11th January
 River Derwent Matlock
The latest match on the River Derwent saw again an increased turnout of 29 anglers who found the river at a low level and running clear.The match was fished in five sections from Artist corner up to the top of Cawdor with the match secretary putting in some pegs which haven't been included for a while. The weights were similar to the previous weeks with Bob Ball the winner with 8lbs from Peg 71 in the park in second place was Dave Taylor on Peg 100 with 7lbs 8ozs .Third place went to John Barfoot who had 6lbs 8ozs on Peg 90. Again most anglers caught fish ,with good weights in all areas. The results were.                                                                                                     
1st    B Ball       8lbs  0zs      Peg 71
2nd   D Taylor   7lbs 4ozs     Peg 100
3rd   J Barfoot  6lbs 8ozs     Peg 90
4th   N Ellis      6lbs 0ozs      Peg  97
5th   G Barfoot  5lbs 10ozs   Peg 57

Section winners were; B Woolley, R Stone, N Ellis, G Barfoot and J Lamb

Next weeks match 18th January is on Tansley pond draw at 8am

 1st B Ball 8lbs 0oz


Sunday 4th January  
Monthly Match  River Derwent Matlock & Matlock Bath

The first club match of 2009 took place on the River Derwent from Artist corner up to the top section in Cawdor. An increased turnout of 25 anglers found the river again in good form with most catching fish in all sections. The winner of the match was Matt Taylor who drew well and finished with 7lbs 13ozs on Peg 57 opposite the boathouse. Second went to Julian Lamb just two ounces behind with 7lbs 11ozs from Peg 75 in the park, Third was John Barfoot with 6lbs 13ozs from Peg 63 also in the park. The weights behind the top three were only by ounces and the result was very close at the weigh in.
The results were.
1st  M Taylor      7lbs  13ozs   Peg 57
2nd J Lamb         7lbs   11ozs  Peg 75
3rd J Barfoot       6lbs  13ozs  Peg 63
4th C Cantrill      6lbs  10ozs  Peg 90
5th N Ellis            6lbs    8ozs  Peg 110

Section winners were  J Tucker D Taylor and N Ellis