Sunday 13 March 2016



This was the last match before the closed season, so everyone was hoping that the River would be fishable for a change. With not much rain during the week the water level had dropped throughout the week, but the River had come up over night. This was probably due to them letting water out of the Derwent dams. The decision was taken that enough decent and safe pegs could be found on the River, so the last match would be fished where it should be!

12 Anglers fished the match and it was Ken Wood fishing from Peg 49 who landed 12 Grayling for a weight of 7-4. Again the Grayling were all of a good size, Ken caught well on the pole feeder and stick float.

In a close second place was John Barfoot fishing from Peg 108, John landed 10 fish for 6-8, catching well on the stick float and bomb rod. Third place was taken by Steve Allcock who has been in fine form in the last few months. Steve landed 12 Grayling for 5-8 fishing from Peg 89 catching well on the stick float and pole feeder. In fourth was Malcolm Bent who weighed 4-10 from Peg105.

Lots of big Grayling have been caught over the last few months, not so many small ones showing, lets hope that when we return to the river in June, we start to see a few smaller Grayling. These small Grayling can only be a good sign for the future of the Grayling stocks in the River!

Sunday 6 March 2016

Dave Clark makes it back to back wins


Yet again the River was unfishable due to heavy rain during the week. On a clear frosty morning Tansley pond would be the destination again. After the last match Held on Tansley pond in febuary, which was won with a superb net of roach caught by Asa Cooper, the 10 anglers which turned up were fairly optimistic that the pond would fish well again. How wrong they were, in a word it was awful!

It soon became clear that this match would be a battle just to get a bite! But David Clark didn't mind and continued is superb form in 2016 to take 1st place with a weight of 7-13, Dave had 2 bites all day but that didn't matter because Dave hit them both to land 1 Carp of 7lb and a Roach of 13oz from peg13.
Dave Clark wrestling with his match winning Carp

 Steve Allcock took second place with a nice net of Roach caught from Peg 21. Steve weighed 3lb catching 25 Roach over groundbait and a squat hookbait. Third place went to David Fowler fishing from Peg 2 who weighed 1-13, consisting of 12 Roach.

A disappointing match to be honest, maybe down to the amount of cold water going into the pond from the snowfall and the cold frosty day.

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Specimen Grayling showing well......


The River was at a decent level this weekend unlike the previous few matches. The weather was set fair and all looked good for a decent match. Matlock Bath was the destination for the match and with a small field 12 there wasn't many bad Pegs in the bag. 

It was a day for big Grayling, and no one had any bigger than David Clark who had 15 Grayling for a superb winning weight of 13lb. Daves 15 Graying averaged out at about 15oz a fish, but dave had 3 fish over a 1lb and his biggest Grayling weighed 1lb8oz. Dave was fishing from the new peg on the sandbank behind the back of the Pavilion, Peg 27A. 

In second place was Malcolm Bent who was fishing from Peg 28 next to David Clark. Malc had 16 Grayling for a weight of 11.8, Malcs Grayling were also of good size with a couple over the 1lb mark. Malc also had a few Trout with one Rainbow well over the 4lb mark.

Third place went to Roger Stone fishing from Peg 15, Roger weighed 8.12 with a net of 20 Grayling. Unfortunately Roger failed to find the specimen Grayling, probably down to the fact that Rogers Peg is deep slow moving water.

In fourth place was Nigel Ellis fishing from Peg 37 in the shallows, Nigel weighed 8.2 with a net of 12 Grayling.

Lots of Grayling were caught today, with most anglers weighing 5lb of fish. The shallow Pegs were the best draw and are always good this time of year when the Grayling are shoaling up getting ready to spawn.