Sunday 24 May 2015

League standings after 6 matcches

After 6 matches its all still very close. There is only Andy Fox who can still get maximum points, all he needs to do now is win his next 3 match sections and he will be unbeatable. But there is still 5 anglers within 1 point of him making it very close. Weight may come into play if people are tied on the same points, so its vital to get big weights also.


CAWDOR POND MATCH 6 24/05/2015


Yet again Cawdor pond produced another good match with lots of fish caught and lost. It was Nigel Ellis who won the match drawing Peg 20, this is the best peg on the pond and the pressure is always on to win the match from it. Nigel didn't disappoint and won with a weight of 29 lb 13 oz. Nigel landed 9 carp and lost 10 to the bushes and snags. Nigel said he just couldn't give them enough bait and caught on several different baits including meat,sweetcorn,bread and pellet. In second place was Tony Carline who drew Peg 1 and landed 3 carp and a few skimmers, Tony also lost a few fish. Tony Caught his carp on the method feeder chucking into open water under the cliff face. In third place was Paul Ashley from Peg 19, always a difficult peg to fish when Peg 20 is bagging upn But Paul produced a nice net of Skimmers and Roach taken on mainly pellet. 

Both Cawdor ponds are fishing well and responding to all methods, lots of carp being caught on the surface in the evenings.

Peg 20    Nigel Ellis                  29lb 13oz          4points
Peg 19     Paul Ashley              10lb 15oz          3points
Peg 17    David Fowler            8lb 4oz              2points
Peg15     David Thornley        2lb 12oz            1point
Peg 22      David Clark            4.5oz                  1point
Peg 23      Steve Allcock           8lb 15oz            4points
Peg 24      Andy Fox                 2lb 9oz              3points
Peg 29      Mark Gregory         7oz                    2points
Peg 10      Malcolm Bent        DNW
Peg 11      Asa Cooper            10lb 14oz            4points
Peg 12      Gary Slack               1lb 15oz            2points
Peg 8        Mark Wain              6lb 7oz              3points
Peg 1       Tony Carline            13lb 4oz            4points
Peg 3       John Barfoot             5lb 4oz             3points
Peg 4       Mark Lil                    DNW
Peg6        Jeff Snow                   3lb 4oz             2points

Sunday 17 May 2015


On a cold but sunny day the fifth match in the league was fished on the Erewash Canal at Langley mill. Only 11 anglers fished the match with some anglers deciding to just drop the result. This was a little disappointing and unfair on those who did make the journey. It was thought that the canal would respond well to bread punch and it did for 30 minutes until the bites dried up. Mark Wain started well with 10 puts in producing 10 roach, Unfortunately that was it and Mark never had another bite. Asa Cooper caught a few roach on squatt and groundbait but struggled to keep the bites coming. In the end it was David Fowler who came out on top with a weight of  4lb 12oz, Dave caught the majority of his fish on chopped worm, including a decent sized Perch and lots of other sm.aller Perch. Second was Asa Cooper with a weight of 3lb who had a mixed bag mainly made up of roach and Perch. Coming in 3rd was Steve Allcock with a weight of 2lb 4oz with a mixed bag of roach,perch and gudgeon. Andy Fox also continued his good form to record another section win a with a weight of 15oz .



Paul Ashley          13 oz           1point
John Barfoot         1lb 10oz      3points
David Fowler        4ib 12oz      4points
Mark Wain            1lb 6oz        2points


Gary Slack            2oz              2points
Jeff Snow              11oz            3points
Andy Fox              15oz            4points


Asa Cooper           3lb               4points
Nigel Ellis             15oz            2points
David Clark           7.5oz           1point
Steve Allcock        2lb 4.5oz     3points

Thursday 14 May 2015


With 4 matches gone the league is starting to take shape with Andy Fox in top spot on 13 points Closely followed by last years winner Mark Wain on 12 points and Mark Gregory also on 12 points. Its still very close with  3 points separating 9 anglers. But remember each angler must drop their 3 worst results and this can make a real difference.........

Monday 11 May 2015


CAWDOR POND MATCH 4 10/05/2015


On a warm and sunny day Cawdor pond produced a close fought match with Skimmers being the main species caught. The little pond however didnt fish that well, it was only 2 late carp that fell to Jeff Snow fishing in the margins that won him the section . Much to Asa Coopers annoyance who had been winning the section for most of the match with 3 decent perch which fell to Lobworm.

Taking top spot in this match was a joint affair with both David Fowler and Paul Ashley recording a weight of 15lb 6oz. Dave fishing from Hotpeg 20 was expected to win the match, but Dave just couldnt find the Carp but did manage to bag 2 and a good net of skimmers all taken on pellet. Paul Ashley joint first fishing from Peg 11 caught all skimmers and roach on a pellet approach. In second was Malcolm Bent fishing from Peg 1, Malc had 3 Carp and some Skimmers, but Malc lost 5 Carp which cost him dear in the end.  In 3rd was Mark Gegory with 9lb 5oz from Peg15, again this was mainly Skimmers taken on pellet. Match 5 will be fished on the canal at Langley mill.

Peg 20     David Fowler          15lb 6oz            4points
Peg 19     Andy Fox                7lb 14oz             2points
Peg 17     John Barfoot           3lb 7oz              1points
Peg15      Mark Gregory        9lb 5oz              3points
Peg 22      Jeff Snow                8lb 15oz            4points
Peg 23      Steve Allcock          1lb 10oz            2points
Peg 24      Asa Cooper             4lb 4oz              3points
Peg 27      David Thornley       12oz                 1point
Peg 10      Tony Carline          12lb 10oz          3points
Peg 11      Paul Ashley             15lb 6oz            4points
Peg 12      Mark Lil                  2lb 7oz              2points
Peg 8        DNW
Peg 1        Malcolm Bent         14lb 6oz            4points
Peg 3        Gary Slack              15oz                  1point
Peg 4        Mark Wain              4lb 14oz           2points
Peg6         Nigel Ellis                7lb 7oz              3points

Friday 1 May 2015

After discovering Matlock Angling club through the Facebook page and website, He liked what he saw and decided to join the club. Travelling from stockport for some fly fishing action Mr Griffith wasn't disappointed when he caught this fish at Darley Dale casting to a rising trout with a black size18 klinkhammer @22 inches and 3.5 lb it took some landing!