Monday 15 December 2014


With a late change having to be made due to the river being to high the match was fished on Tansley pond and Cawdor pond. Not a popular decision with everyone but it was unsafe to fish the river unfortunately. It wasnt ideal because both ponds were frozen over also. With the draw being made at the Red Lion (Matlock green) a good breakfast was enjoyed by all. The draw was delayed by 20 minutes and a later start was made to the match to all...ow the ice to melt a little. Thanks to Asa cooper who smashed the ice up on saturday night and sunday morning. Before the draw was made it was thought that Cawdor pond would be the better pond and produce the winner, mainly due to the large number of carp it contains. Most people were happy to avoid Tansley pond. With Hot peg 20 at cawdor pond being left out, peg19 next to it was the fancied peg to win the match.
Peg 19 didnt disappoint with Peter Hunt winning the match with a weight of 11lb15oz, It could have been a different story for Pete who had lost 5 carp, until the final 30 minutes with nothing in his net Pete left it late to land 3 Carp to take first place from David Greatorex who had drawn Peg10 at Tansley. David recorded a weight of 7lb2oz catching over 80 fish including Rudd and Roach. David caught all day fishing pinkie over bread and also had a bonus Chubb caught on the waggler. Third place went to Paul simpson who had one carp for 4lb13oz.

Both ponds were not at their best with only 19 people weighing in from a field of 34, 5 anglers failed to show for the draw. 18 prizes were up for grabs with the last prize being won with a weight of 1oz. A big thanks to Nigel Ellis, Gary Slack and Asa Cooper for all the hard work in organising the match and hampers.

1st Pete Hunt 11lb15oz Peg 19 cawdor
2nd David Greatorex 7lb2oz Peg 10 tansley
3rd Paul Simpson 4lb13oz cawdor
4th Malcolm Bent 4lb Peg29 cawdor
5th John Barfoot 3lb4.5oz Peg20 tansley
6th Mark Gregory 2lb4.5oz Peg14 tansley
7th Brian Wooley 14.5oz cawdor
8th Nigel Ellis 10oz Peg8 tansley
9th Asa Cooper 7oz Peg4 tansley
10th A Percival 6.5oz Peg11 tansley
11th David Taylor 6.5oz cawdor
12th Paul Ashley 6.5oz Peg 24 tansley
13th Ken Wood 6oz Peg cawdor
14th David Longden 5oz Peg cawdor
15th Gary Griffith 5.5oz Peg 6 tansley
16th Tony Carline 2oz Peg13 tansley
17th David Clark 1.5oz Peg cawdor
18th Steve Allcock 1oz Peg cawdor