Saturday 1 September 2012




Match 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Match 6Match 7Match 8Total
D Fowler5454544227
A Cooper2343545526
S Umney4553053025
P Stone5045434325
M Wain0533530524
N Ellis3255334323
P Hunt4030505522
G Slack1442352220
D Thornley2404403320
J Barfoot4403323219
M Stafford2502054119
M Bent4330220418
M Gregory1545001016
T Carline3250040115
D Gretorex5200400415
S Dale2305200012
G Hartwell4000303010
M Holmes300400007


NameMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Match 6Match 7Match 8Total
M Wain00.00.0040.08.0001.01.0000.01.0807.07.0003.11.0000.00.0004.01.0856.14.00
S Umney04.12.0003.10.0007.14.0000.01.0000.00.0030.10.0000.08.0000.00.0047.06.00
A Cooper00.07.0800.05.0000.12.0001.13.0007.12.0004.09.0023.04.0004.10.0042.12.00
D Fowler03.03.0003.00.0001.10.0004.02.0010.04.0005.12.0011.07.0002.07.0036.06.00
P Stone09.05.0000.00.0005.11.0010.12.0007.04.0002.11.0003.04.0001.15.0036.04.00
P Hunt02.13.0000.00.0004.03.0000.00.0006.14.0000.00.0009.05.0004.10.0027.13.00
N Ellis01.13.0001.12.0002.07.0807.08.0000.01.0001.02.0008.04.0004.00.0025.02.08
J Barfoot04.12.0003.08.0800.00.0001.15.0003.09.0001.04.0007.14.0002.12.0024.06.08
D Thornley03.04.0002.09.0000.00.0005.07.0001.04.0000.00.0007.08.0002.09.0022.09.00
M Stafford01.11.0003.10.0000.00.0000.14.0000.00.0005.03.0008.08.0000.12.0020.10.00
G Slack00.10.0001.08.0000.13.0000.04.0003.14.0006.01.0006.06.0001.10.0020.04.00
M Gregory00.05.0002.11.0801.06.0007.01.0000.00.0000.00.0003.00.0000.00.0014.07.08
D Gretorex06.08.0000.13.0000.00.0000.00.0002.14.0000.00.0000.00.0003.15.0814.02.00
M Bent02.04.0001.12.0000.00.0800.00.0002.03.0001.00.0000.00.0003.05.0010.08.08
M Holmes03.00.0000.00.0000.00.0005.09.0000.00.0000.00.0000.00.0000.00.0008.09.00
G Hartwell03.00.0800.00.0000.00.0000.00.0000.09.0000.00.0004.06.0000.00.0007.15.08
T Carline00.14.0000.02.0001.13.0000.00.0000.00.0002.03.0000.00.0001.00.0806.00.08
S Dale00.07.0000.00.0000.00.0001.12.0002.00.0000.00.0000.00.0000.00.0004.03.00

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Wednesday 7th March 2012 River Derwent Club/Open

Wednesday 7th March 
River Derwent Club/Open

1st N Ellis 7lbs 10ozs Peg 113
2nd P Hill 5lbs 10ozs Peg 108
3rd S Umney 4lbs 8ozs Peg 100
4th D Fowler 3lbs 12ozs Peg 110

Sunday 4 March 2012

Sunday 4th March 2012 River Derwent Club/Open

Sunday 4th March
River Derwent Club/Open

1st N Ellis 8lbs 10ozs Peg 44
2nd G Taylor 7lbs 10ozs Peg 71
3rd D Fowler 6lbs 10ozs Peg 49
4th P Hill 6lbs 8ozs Peg 57

Sunday 22 January 2012

Sunday 22nd January 2012 Tansley Pond Open

Sunday 22nd January 
Tansley Pond Open

The first match on the club ponds of the year saw all anglers catching fish with good fishing to be had all over the pond.The winner Mark Gregory caaught a carp and a chub to go with some perch for his winning weight of 9lbs 11ozs on peg 14.
1st M Gregory  9lbs 11ozs Peg 14
2nd R Ball 9lbs 7ozs Peg 21
3rd A Cooper 8lbs 10ozs Peg 24
4th M Stafford 6lbs 8ozs Peg 4
5th D Fowler 4lbs 15ozs Peg 22