Monday 2 May 2016

League Match 2 Tansley Pond 2/05/2016

League Match 2 Tansley Pond 2/05/2016

After a extremely cold week with lots of frosts Tansley pond wasn't expected to fish well. Would the fish be in the open water or would the channel throw up some long overdue Carp/Chub weights.

It some became clear that the channel was going to be a battle just to get a bite and it was David Thornley who won the channel section with a weight of 2-14. The open water was where the fish were and produced some good weights of silver fish.

In first place was Asa cooper who caught alday from Peg 7 for a weight of 7lb all made up of small roach and the odd perch. Not bad considering he was trying to convince everyone he hadn't caught well and would only have a weight of 4lb.

Asa Cooper I've only got 4lb
In second place was David Clark fishing from Peg 22, Dave caught 2 Carp and some roach for a weight of 6-1. Fishing straight across from Asa it was clear that the majority of fish were in the open water.
Carp Slayer Dave Clark

In third place was Steve Allcock who also caught well for a weight of 5-12 catching mainly small roach on the pole. Steve fished on Peg 5 again in the open water where the fish all seemed to be shoaled up.

Steve Allcock