Sunday 22 February 2015

@David Greatorex Didn't think the River was capable of producing Perch like these for the time of year. I have caught a few in the summer months but not in Febuary. I only went on the back of the photos a received from Ian Gould last week. With the weather set fair on Friday i thought i would try my luck for a few hours in the field stretch up Cawdor. Armed with only a few red worms and a few lobbies i caught 5 Perch all over the pound mark. I fished 2 different pegs just fishing worm on the Bomb rod under the trees on the inside. I had one first put in and then a few trout before i swapped Pegs and caught 4 in a hour and a half.

In a match only for the hardcore. A field of 14 fished the match on a clear frosty morning the match initially fished well for the first 3 hours until the weather turned for the worst. It was David Clark who came out on top with a weight of 8lb12oz. Dave was drawn on Peg 44 at artist corner and caught 16 Grayling mainly on the bomb and pole feeder. Second was Stevel Allcock who fished the whole match with no umbrella.Steve weighed7lb7oz From HOT PEG 57(Boathouse).
Joint third was John Barfoot and Malcolm Bent with a weight of 6lb10oz.
1st David Clark 8-12 Peg 44
2nd Steve Allcock 7-7 Peg 57
3rd Malcolm Bent 6-10 Peg 71
John Barfoot 6-10 Peg 59
4th David Taylor 5-6 Peg 49
Maybe if the weather had stayed fine some double figure weights could have been on the cards. But overall the river fished well with lots of Grayling being caught!

Sunday 15 February 2015

Unfortunately the River wasn't at its best today, With 14 anglers fishing the match the general feeling was that the river was in poor form because Severn Trent had ran water off from the Derwent dams through the night and this was very peaty and snow water. Sounds like a fishermans tale to me.
It was Ken Wood who came out on top with a weight of 4lb5oz consisting of 10 Grayling from Peg110. @Malcolm Bent came second to continue his good run of form with a weight of 3lb14oz from Peg89.
1st Ken Wood 4lb5oz Peg110
2nd Malcolm Bent 3lb14oz Peg89
3rd David Taylor 3lb8oz Peg118
4th N Comeley 3lb3oz Peg119
5th Mark Gregory 2lb11oz Peg88
5th Roger Stone 2lb11oz Peg113