Saturday 31 December 2011

2011 - Match results (All)

Wednesday 28th December
 River Derwent Matlock 
The last match of the year saw 20 anglers taking part on a river high and coloured the winner was A Higgingbotton with 6lbs 9ozs on peg 113
1st A Higgingbottom 6lbs 9ozs Peg 113
2nd D Fowler 5lbs 60zs Peg 110
3rd P Simpson 5lbs 9ozs Peg 100
4th D Clark 4lbs 14ozs Peg 89
5th M Harrison 4lbs 10ozs Peg 90 

Sunday 11th December 
Fur and feather Match
Tansley and Cawdor Ponds
This years match was fished on the club ponds on safety grounds and was always going to be hard going for the 43 anglers taking part . The top three weights came from Tansley pond, with the anglers at Cawdor struggling for bites. The winner R Ball had a large carp around seven pounds and a few bits for his winning weight of 7lbs 5ozs . In second was G Hartwell who found a couple of chub further down the pond than usual for 6lbs 2ozs. Third was C Ashbrook who also had a carp for his weight of 6lbs 1oz. The Junior winner was Sam with two perch winning the prizes and trophy. Although the fishing was hard the Christmas spirit won the day ,many thanks to Asa Cooper and Craig Cantrill who put in a full day on Saturday to make the event a success, thanks also to the other members who helped on Saturday and on the day, and the Red Lion Matlock Green for putting on the breakfasts and food afterwards.
Full result :-
1st R Ball    7lbs 5ozs
2nd G Hartwell  6lbs 2ozs
3rd C Ashbrook 6lbs 1oz
4th A Cooper 5lbs 10ozs
5th = R Cantrill 1lb 10ozs
5th = D Clark 1lb 10ozs
7th D Thornley 1lb 7ozs
8th T Carline 1lb 1oz
9th J Spencer 13ozs
10th D Greatorex 12ozs
11th K Wood 9ozs
12th = N Ellis 8ozs
12th = M Harrison 8ozs
14th =M Gregory 7ozs
14th= M Wright 7ozs
16th D Taylor 6ozs
17th J Mills 5ozs
18th= D Fowler 4ozs
18th= R Slack 4ozs
20th J Reynolds 3ozs
All the above took away a hamper for their placings.

Sunday 13th November
Cawdor Ponds
Thirteen anglers took part in the last of the years matches on the ponds everyone caught some fish but the Carp decided the result with the top three all catching one or two larger fish. The winner Dave Fowler had a carp over 9lbs in his winning weight and second placed Malc Bent had two carp around 5lbs in his weight.
1st D Fowler 12lbs 5ozs Peg 3
2nd M Bent 10lbs 2ozs Peg 23
3rd R Bonser 9lbs 14ozs Peg 12
4th J Barfoot 7lbs 13ozs Peg 2
5th P Hunt 6lbs 4ozs Peg 20
Section winners were N Ellis J Barfoot and P Hunt 

Sunday 4th September
River Derwent Club/Open
The latest match found the river still very low but the anglers taking part found the fish in the usual pegs in the park and below.Glyn Taylor made the most of his draw on the top hole in the park for a winning weight of 9lbs 4ozs.
1st G Taylor    9lbs 4ozs   Peg 75
2nd P Simpson  6lbs 2ozs  Peg 57
3rd M Gregory  5lbs 12ozs  Peg 44
4th A Cooper  5lbs 8ozs Peg 63
5th S Umney  2lbs 1oz  Peg 73

Sunday 7th August
River Derwent Cawdor
The river was at its lowest level and fishing was hard for the anglers taking part.
 Spencer was in first place with an all grayling net of 4lbs 10zs.
1st J Spencer 4lbs 10ozs Peg 111
2nd N Ellis 2lbs 5ozs Peg 114
3rd T Carline 2lbs 4ozs Peg 119
4th R Cantrill 2lbs 0oz Peg 122
5th D Fowler 1lb 12ozs Peg 121

Junior Match 10th July
Cawdor Ponds
A disapointing turnout for this match saw a head to head fish off between last years top two on the small pond at Cawdor with M Travis putting together a mixed net of fish for his winning weight of 19lbs from J Wright who had 3lbs

Summer League Match 8The final match of the series saw the winner Dave Fowler catching well for his winning weight of 15lbs 4ozs on the small pond at Cawdor
1st D Fowler 15lbs 4ozs
2nd A Cooper 11lbs 13ozs
3rd J Barfoot 6lbs 14 ozs
Sun4th G Thomas 6lbs 10ozs
5th D Gretorex 5lbs 12ozs

Summer League Match 7
The winner Asa Cooper again was well clear of the rest catching a  mixed net of fish in the rain at Tansley Pond including some nice perch.
1st A Cooper 7lbs 7ozs Peg 8
2nd M Gregory 4lbs 4ozs Peg 20
3rd N Ellis 3lbs 10ozs Peg 12
4th D Fowler 3lbs 8ozs Peg 21
5th T Carline 3lbs 7ozs Peg 11

Summer League Match 6As in the match previously this time Cawdor ponds produced its best weight of the series with the winner G Thomas making the most of the draw and catching a mainly Carp net of 37lbs 0oz
1st G Thomas 37lbs 0ozs Peg 20
2nd J Barfoot 15lbs 0ozs Peg 22
3rd M Bent 11lbs 12ozs Peg 15
4th D Fowler 11lbs 0ozs Peg 24
5th J Lamb 7lbs 5ozs Peg 18

Summer League Match 5Tansley pond produced the best weight of the series with the winner Asa Cooper finishing well clear of the rest with his winning weight of 16lbs 4ozs
1st A Cooper 16lbs 4ozs
2nd C Hargreaves 9lbs 14ozs
3rd D Gretorex 8lbs 9ozs
4th G Thomas 4lbs 8ozs
5th N Ellis 4lbs 7ozs

Summer League Match 4The fourth match of the series started in overcast conditions with light rain this seemed to improve the fishing for all ,and the carp put in an appearance for those taking part.The small pond proved the most consistant for those drawing on there with all over 7lbs.The winner Gary Slack(frog hunter) though was on the big pond peg 20 and landed carp for his weight of 15lbs 4ozs the top five were
1st G Slack 15lbs 4ozs Peg 20

2nd T Carline 12lbs 12ozs Peg 3

3rd A Cooper 10lbs 12ozs Peg 19

4th M Gregory 10lbs 0oz Peg 23

5th C Cantrill 9lbs 3ozs  Peg 1

Summer League Match 3
The latest match of the series took place on Tansley pond and most found the fishing hard which showed in the weights. The match was won by Dave Thornley  with 7lbs 11ozs on peg 11 this was nearly a pound ahead of second placed G Thomas with 6lbs 12ozs on peg 20.
1ST D Thorley 7lbs 11ozs Peg 11
2nd G Thomas 6lbs 12ozs Peg 20
3rd A Cooper 5lbs 4ozs Peg 10
4th D Gretorex 5lbs 1oz Peg 21
5th T Carline 4lbs 13ozs Peg 17

Summer League Match 2
The second match of the series was also fished in sunny conditions  at Cawdor, and with the Carp failing to show the match became a silver fish contest which was won by Asa Cooper 8lbs 3ozs ,second was D Gretorex with 8lbs 0ozs.
1st A Cooper 8lbs 3ozs
2nd D Gretorex 8lbs 0ozs
3rd J Lamb 7lbs 9ozs
4th G Slack 7lbs 2ozs
5th M Gregory 7lbs 1oz 8 drams

Summer League Match 1
                The first of the series took place at Cawdor Ponds in hot and sunny conditions ,unlike previous years where the start has been in  snow and frost. The winner was Dave Fowler who caught a mixed net of fish on peg 23 on the small pond with 10lbs 6ozs, beating Malc Bent into second by two ounces Malc had 10lbs 4ozs from peg 20.Most had a good first match with weights close behind the top two.
1st D Fowler 10lbs 6ozs Peg 23
2nd M Bent 10lbs 4ozs Peg 20
3rd D Thornley 9lbs 8ozs 8 drams Peg 29
4th D Gretorex 9lbs 8ozs Peg 17
5th G Hartwell 8lbs 0ozs Peg 18

Wednesday 9th March River Derwent Matlock Bath1st P Simpson 6lbs 3ozs
2nd S Umney 5lbs 5ozs
3rd G Taylor 4lbs 10ozs
Section winners D Fowler and R Ball

Sunday 6th March River Derwent
 1st M Bent 11lbs 4ozs
2nd J Barfoot 7lbs 4ozs
3rd D Fowler 5lbs 14ozs
4th J Mills 5lbs 12ozs

Sunday 27th February Tansley Pond
1st D Fowler 5lbs 11ozs
2nd A Cooper 5lbs 4ozs
3rd M Gregory 3lbs 13ozs
4th J Barfoot 2lbs 14ozs

 Sunday 13th February Cawdor Ponds
Twelve anglers took part in the first club match on the ponds this year and most found the going hard , but the small roach and bream fed and the winner was A Cooper with 11lbs 2ozs from peg 18
1st A Cooper 11lbs 2ozs Peg 18
2nd D Clark 7lbs 12ozs Peg 11
3rd D Fowler 6lbs 12 ozs Peg 1
 4th G Slack 4lbs 12 ozs Peg 28
 5th C Cantrill 3lbs 10ozs Peg 2

Sunday 16th January
River Derwent Matlock  Club/Open
Nineteen anglers took part in the match on a falling River Derwent the result was close with a pound dividing the top six anglers.The match was fished through Matlock to the Cawdor stretch and the winner was John Barfoot on Peg 110 with 7lbs 6ozs by an ounce from Jonathon Spencer 7lbs 5ozs on peg 56 the full result was
1st J Barfoot 110 7lbs 6ozs Peg 110
2nd J Spencer 7lbs 5ozs Peg 56
3rd J Gregory 6lbs 15ozs Peg 57
4th D Thornley 6lbs 13ozs Peg 71
5th M Harrison 6lbs 7ozs Peg 90
6th D Clark 6lbs 5ozs Peg 71a
Section winners were D Taylor D Thornley and M Harrison

Sunday 2nd January
 River Derwent Matlock  Club/Open
21 anglers took part in the first match of the new year and the river returned to good form with the winner Mick Harrison on peg 71 wieghing in 11lbs 3ozs.Second was Glyn Taylor also in double figures with 10lbs 8ozs on peg 57.Third was Clive Ashbrook with 7lbs 1oz on peg 100.
1st M Harrison 11lbs 3ozs Peg 71
2nd  G Taylor 10lbs 8ozs Peg 57
3rd C Ashbrook 7lbs 1oz Peg 100
4th D Clark 6lbs 8ozs Peg 63
5th D Thornley 6lbs 7ozs Peg 82

Sunday 28th December
River Derwent Matlock  Club/Open
 A excellant turnout of 27 anglers took part in this match which saw the river returning to normal levels after the recent snow , with all anglers finding the grayling feeding in all areas. The match secretary Asa Cooper  won the match by one ounce with 8lbs 8ozs on peg 64 in the park from R Bonson 8lbs 7ozs peg 56.Third was M Gregory 5lbs 4ozs peg 75.
1st A Cooper 8lbs 8ozs Peg 64
2nd R Bonson 8lbs 7ozs Peg 56
3rd M Gregory 5lbs 4ozs Peg 75
4th T Froom 5lbs 3ozs Peg 59
5th M Harrison 4lbs 9ozs Peg 60
6th M Atkins 4lbs 8ozs