Sunday 6 March 2016

Dave Clark makes it back to back wins


Yet again the River was unfishable due to heavy rain during the week. On a clear frosty morning Tansley pond would be the destination again. After the last match Held on Tansley pond in febuary, which was won with a superb net of roach caught by Asa Cooper, the 10 anglers which turned up were fairly optimistic that the pond would fish well again. How wrong they were, in a word it was awful!

It soon became clear that this match would be a battle just to get a bite! But David Clark didn't mind and continued is superb form in 2016 to take 1st place with a weight of 7-13, Dave had 2 bites all day but that didn't matter because Dave hit them both to land 1 Carp of 7lb and a Roach of 13oz from peg13.
Dave Clark wrestling with his match winning Carp

 Steve Allcock took second place with a nice net of Roach caught from Peg 21. Steve weighed 3lb catching 25 Roach over groundbait and a squat hookbait. Third place went to David Fowler fishing from Peg 2 who weighed 1-13, consisting of 12 Roach.

A disappointing match to be honest, maybe down to the amount of cold water going into the pond from the snowfall and the cold frosty day.

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