Sunday 18 December 2016

Asa Cooper wins Fur & Feather from Peg 49


The weather was set fair for the 2016 Christmas match, a week later than normal in the hope that the River would not be in flood. 30 anglers took part and the majority enjoyed a full english breakfast at the Red Lion Matlock Green before the draw. Lots of excitement and anticipation before the draw, who would draw the Hot pegs and would the River fish well. The Pegs were well spread from Oaker to Artist corner and 9 pegs at Matlock Bath so everyone had a reasonable Peg, with a good chance of catching some Fish.

It soon became clear after the first hour of the match that the River was going to fish hard and it would be a case of swapping and changing to sneak out a few more Grayling. With the River being very clear it was a day for the stick float and it soon became clear that a peg with some flow would produce a few more bites and fish.

This years winner was Asa Cooper fishing from Peg 49 at artist corner he fished a great match to land 16 Grayling mainly on the stick, Asa fished mainly worn on the hook to weigh 8lb of Grayling. Asa won a Hamper and some money for his efforts.

1st prize

2nd place went to Dave Fowler fishing from Peg 57 (Boat House) Dave snared 9 Grayling for a weight of 6-7, Dave caught well on the pole feeder . Dave also won a big Hamper and some cash. 3rd place went to Dave Clark weighing 6-5 from Peg 56, Dave knew what to expect from this Peg having drawn it the week before and won. Dave was grinning like a cheshire cat, Dave had 14 Grayling on the stick float and pole feeder.

Everyone had a great day and the was only one angler who didn't weigh, there was 18 prizes up for grabs all containg a Turkey. 2-8 secured the last prize in a hard thought match. Big thanks to Nigel Ellis, Asa Cooper, Gary Slack and anyone else who helped out

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