Sunday 13 December 2015



Unfortunately for the second year running heavy rain on Saturday meant the match had to be fished on the ponds. A great deal of work goes into this match every year and the decision is never taken lightly to fish the ponds. But Saturday afternoon was spent walking the banks of the river to see if we could squeeze 30 anglers on it, all with a chance of catching a fish, but it was decided that the match would just be a lottery and dangerous to fish the River. The club would like to thank Nigel Ellis, Asa Cooper, Gary Slack, for the organisation of the match and putting hampers together. Also we would like to thank David Taylor and Glyn Taylor for there help in walking the River on the Saturday.
River Unfishable December 2015

The decision was made not to fish the river on Saturday afternoon, to give people chance to prepare for the ponds or not to fish. Only 4 anglers decided not to fish the ponds, so that left 29 Anglers fishing for 18 prizes. A good breakfast was enjoyed at the Red Lion matlock green where the draw was made. The Fur and Feather is always a much anticipated match, and much talk was of which pond would be the best draw. Cawdor pond was the pond everyone wanted and Pegs 01,20,22 all high on the list of flyers.

It was Malcolm Bent who dominated the match from start to finish, Malc was well happy with the draw at the start telling Clive Ashbrook that's the Peg he wanted. Malc didn't disappoint and had tied the match up after first 10 minutes when he landed a Carp weighing 7lb+, Malc went on to land 3 more Carp for a combined weight of 23lb, to win at a canter. Malc caught his 4 Carp on Bread flake fished over liquidised bread from Peg 23 on the small pond at Cawdor. A fine performance from Malcolm Bent and much deserved win.
Winner Malcolm Bent (The Smiler)

In second place for the second year running was David Greatorex who left if very late to snatch 2nd place from Clive Ashbrook with a weight of 7lb4oz. David drew Hot Peg 20 on Cawdor pond and struggled all day until a change to Waggler produced a few Roach, playing catch up with Clive ashbook on the next Peg David decided to have the last 10 minutes on the pole next to the trees, fishing 2 worm tails he dragged a 5lb Carp out of the trees to save his blushes!

In third place was Clive Ashbrook who fished a fine match from Peg 19, fishing the waggler all day Clive recorded a weight of 3lb11oz. Clive loose fed pinkie and fished maggot on the hook to catch all day. Everyone copied Clives waggler approach with no bites on the pole it soon became clear that waggler was the method and everyone followed suit.

Fourth place went to John Barfoot who was fishing on Tansley pond on Peg 11. John won the pond with a weight of 2lb9oz and made it a hatrick of wins although not a overall victory John still came out on top on that pond. With 10 anglers drawn on ansley pond it was hard going, but the majority caught a few fish.

1ST/2ND Malc Bent & David Greatorex

Despite a great winning weight from Malcolm Bent, both ponds were not at there best. But after the amount of rain we had on Saturday and then a sudden drop in temperature it was to be expected. It was a battle against the elements to secure a prize.

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