Sunday 18 October 2015



It was a cool and foggy start to todays match, with 3 new comers present we saw 16 anglers fishing the match. Big weights were not expected with the onset of autumn and the large amount of leaves travelling down the river. It was David Fowler fishing Peg 90 who took top spot with a fine net of Grayling caught on the stick float and pole feeder. Peg 90 is always a good peg and the Grayling are normally caught from under your feet and Dave caught well on the pole feeder picking the odd fish up on the stick float. In form Nigel Comeley again framed with a weight of 7-5 caught mainly on the stick float, If Nigel could have sneaked another Grayling he may well have pipped Dave for 1st place.  Mark Gregory came in 3rd place from peg 122 fishing the stick float Mark caught well running the stick float right down his Peg.

New comer Mark Evans produce a nice net of Grayling on his first visit to the River Derwent to take fourth place, him and his two mates are looking forward to returning on the next match with a little bit more knowledge of the venue.

Nigel Ellis produce a mixed bag including a 1lb+ perch and 3 small chublets.  The matches at Matlock are mainly dominated by Grayling but this just goes to show there are other species present. We just need to speak to Nigel to know how to catch them.

1st        David Fowler                       7-12             Peg 90
2nd       Nigel Comeley                     7-5              Peg
3rd        Mark Gregory                      6-1              Peg 122
4th        Mark Evans                         4-10             Peg 119
5th        Nigel Ellis                           3-10 (including 1lb perch and 3 small chublets)

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