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CAWDOR POND MATCH 9 14/06/2015


The last league match was fished this sunday on cawdor pond. Going into the final match it was Asa Cooper who was the favourite to take top spot, knowing that another section win would see him home and no one would be able to catch him. The chasing pack including Mark Wain, Paul Ashley,Andy Fox,Steve Allcock and David Fowler were all hoping that Asa Cooper would have a poor draw and slip up. After the draw was made and Asa Cooper had drawn peg 1 it was obvious to most that he would take some stopping. Yet again Peg 20 was the peg that everyone wanted and it was Steve Allcock who had the honour but unfortunately Steve lost 6 carp in the trees and was left shaking his head.
The weigh in

In the end it was Asa Cooper who took the match and the league with a weight of 16lb7oz , Asa fishing from Peg 1 chose to ignore the Carp and just fish for roach and skimmers. Asa caught all skimmers and roach taken on pellet and squatt for a much deserved victory. With 5 back to back section wins it saw Asa Cooper take the league by 1 clear point from Paul Ashley who also recorded 4 section wins himself. 

In second place was Malcolm Bent from peg 6 with a weight of 12lb15.5oz, Malc fished for carp and landed 2 with one fish touching the 7lb mark. Not a easy peg to fish and land fish and Malc found to his cost losing a 3 carp.
7 lb Carp

Third place went to Mark Wain who only fished half the match due to work comitments, Drawing peg 15 Mark weighed 11lb3oz, Arriving at about 11.30am Mark went all out for Carp and landed 3 and losing 3 in the lilies. Not a bad achievment considering he gave everyone a head start.
Early league pace setter Andy Fox narrowly misses out on combined weight to be pushed out to 5th place overall
Former league winner Mark Wain plays catch up
Winner Asa Cooper presented with the Gordon Hartwell shield from Gary slack

The top 4 places in the league all recieved prize money but 3rd and 4th had to be done on combined weight due to points being equal.

1ST                  Asa Cooper            23 point
2nd                  Paul Ashley            22 points
3rd                   Steve Allcock         21 points         (39lb
4th                   David Fowler          21 points         (30lb)

Thanks to everyone who took  part in this years league,

Peg 20            Steve Allcock     7lb4oz         3points
Peg 19            Nigel Ellis           6lb4oz        2points 
Peg15             Mark Wain        11lb3oz       4points
Peg 22            Gary Slack         9oz               2points
Peg 23            Mark Gregory   8lb                4points
Peg 29            John Barfoot      7lb2oz          3points
Peg 10         David Fowler        5lb                  3points    
Peg 11         David Clark          4lb7oz            2points
Peg 12         David Thornley    3lb10oz           1point   
Peg 8             Paul Ashley         8lb14oz          4points 
Peg 1           Asa Cooper          16lb7oz           4points     
Peg 3           Andy Fox              9lb15.5oz       2points         
Peg6            Malcolm Bent       12lb15.5oz     3points

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