Monday 30 March 2015



The league this year will be contested by by 16 anglers and each match will consist of 4 sections of 4 anglers. the winner of each section will get 5 points, going down in points depending on where you finish in the section. The league consists of 9 matches and you must drop your worst 2 results. 28+ points normally is the winning score.


On a cold bleak morning 16 anglers contested the match, before the match it was felt that you probably wanted to draw in the open deeper water or any of the island pegs. Some anglers were keen to draw down the channel and sit it out for the bigger fish. with a hour gone into the match it soon became clear that this would be a battle of who can sneak the odd fish out with the majority of the anglers still blanking. To be fair this write up wont take long because out of the 16 anglers fishing only 6 weighed in. Tony Carline won the match with one carp caught on a lob worm which weighed 6-10, Tony caught the carp from peg 12. Gary Slack came second with a weight of 3-15 from peg
6, Gary caught a few Skimmers and roach from behind the island. In third place was Mark Gregory with a weight of 2-8 made up of small Perch from Peg 24. Thats all there is to say really, possibly one of the worst matches on Tansley pond for some years, things can only improve when the weather warms up!

Section 1 pegs 2,4,6,7
Winner Gary Slack peg 6 3-15
Section 2 pegs 7,8,10,11
Winner DNW
Section 3 pegs 12,13,14,16
Winner Tony Carline peg 12 6-10
Section 4 pegs20,21,23,24
Winner Mark Gregory peg 24 3-15

The next match will be held at cawdor pond on sunday the 12th April things can only get better.

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