Monday 19 January 2015



The match was fished at matlock bath, with the river being at a decent level for a change. it was expected to fish well! it didn't disappoint.
It was Malcolm Bent who came out on top from Peg 27A behind the PAV. Malc caught 18 grayling for 10lb4oz.. Second place went to Mark Gregory who's first 3 fish were all trout and all weighed above 2lb each. Not the best start when you cant weigh them in, but Mark did catch 11 Grayling once he ...realised that trout didn't count. He weighed 9lb11oz from Peg 35 with 7 grayling weighing more than a pound. Peg 35 is a well known Peg for producing large Grayling if you fancy catching a specimen. Third was Paul Simpson from Peg37 who caught 17 grayling for a weight of 9lb4oz. 12 people fished the match and 7 of them weighed more than 5lb.

1st Malc Bent 27A 10LB 4OZ
2nd Mark Gregory 35 9LB 11OZ
3rd Paul Simpson 37 9LB 4OZ
4th Dave Clark 1 8LB 7OZ
5th Steve Allcock 23 6LB 4OZ

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