Sunday 18 December 2016

Asa Cooper wins Fur & Feather from Peg 49


The weather was set fair for the 2016 Christmas match, a week later than normal in the hope that the River would not be in flood. 30 anglers took part and the majority enjoyed a full english breakfast at the Red Lion Matlock Green before the draw. Lots of excitement and anticipation before the draw, who would draw the Hot pegs and would the River fish well. The Pegs were well spread from Oaker to Artist corner and 9 pegs at Matlock Bath so everyone had a reasonable Peg, with a good chance of catching some Fish.

It soon became clear after the first hour of the match that the River was going to fish hard and it would be a case of swapping and changing to sneak out a few more Grayling. With the River being very clear it was a day for the stick float and it soon became clear that a peg with some flow would produce a few more bites and fish.

This years winner was Asa Cooper fishing from Peg 49 at artist corner he fished a great match to land 16 Grayling mainly on the stick, Asa fished mainly worn on the hook to weigh 8lb of Grayling. Asa won a Hamper and some money for his efforts.

1st prize

2nd place went to Dave Fowler fishing from Peg 57 (Boat House) Dave snared 9 Grayling for a weight of 6-7, Dave caught well on the pole feeder . Dave also won a big Hamper and some cash. 3rd place went to Dave Clark weighing 6-5 from Peg 56, Dave knew what to expect from this Peg having drawn it the week before and won. Dave was grinning like a cheshire cat, Dave had 14 Grayling on the stick float and pole feeder.

Everyone had a great day and the was only one angler who didn't weigh, there was 18 prizes up for grabs all containg a Turkey. 2-8 secured the last prize in a hard thought match. Big thanks to Nigel Ellis, Asa Cooper, Gary Slack and anyone else who helped out

Monday 28 November 2016

River Derwent Match Result Sunday 27th November 2016

River Derwent Match Result Sunday 27th November 2016
Paul Simpson 23-10  
With heavy rain at the beginning of the week, most expected the match to be switched to the ponds, but with the flood water running off it was decided to fish on the river. With a good turn out of 16 anglers it wasn't expected to fish to well with extra water on and a dour colour. 

It soon became clear that bites would be hard to come by, But Paul Simpson took the bold decision to switch very early in the match to a Big fish attack which was well executed and paid off handsomely. Paul weighed more then the other 15 anglers combined! Simmo's 6 chub to 4+lb and 4lb ish barbel were taken on feeder on a dour and unresponsive river. It just shows the River holds Barbel & Chub in good numbers if you are prepared to fish for them.

Monday 26 September 2016

Mark Wain secures Matlock Angling Club Away match Champion 2016


This was the final match of the a 3 match series all fished on commercial Fisheries. With a small incentive of  fishing all 3 matches points were up for grab in each match. Going into the final match the fight for first place in the league was between two anglers Dave Clark and Mark Wain who were both on 8 points. Asa Cooper was also in contention on 6 points but decided not to fish the match.

With all matches the end Peg is always a good draw and it was Paul Ashley who made the most of it with a superb weight of 62-12. Steve Allcock was a close second with a weight of 58-00.
Steve Allcock & Paul Ashley

Third place went to Johnathan Leivers with a weight of 42-3.

Mark Wain won the league drawing next to Dave Clark, so they had a head to head shoot out for the trophy and the prize money, Mark managed to beat Dave by 9lb. Dave did have him worried at one point when he landed 4 big Carp in a row, but mark kept his head to secure the title of Matlock Away Match Champion 2016.
League Winner Mark Wain

Lots of fish at Aston Lakes

Monday 8 August 2016



On a warm sunny day 18 matlock angling club members fished at longford fishery in the second away match out of 3 to be held this year. With no knowledge of the fishery no one knew what to expect apart from lots of bites and lots of Carp.

It soon became clear that it wouldn't be a Carp fest!There lots of bites to be had from small roach, rudd and golden rudd but the Carp were a little allusive! What ever bait was used the float was never still.

Malcolm Bent won the match, Struggling for the first couple of hours like everyone, Malc noticed a lot of Carp cruising on the surface, So a quick switch to floating pellet fished at 16 metre saw malc land 8 Carp for a weight of 34-11.
Winner Malcolm Bent
Second place was taken by Mark Wain who weighed 21-14, Mark caught a few chub and Carp. Struggling early on Mark decided to feed Hemp to feed off the smaller fish and it soon reaped the benefits catching Chub to 2lb. 
Second place Mark Wain

Third place went to Asa cooper who had a mixed net for a weight of  18-14. Asa caught a few late Carp to boost his weight.

Asa Cooper with pond to himself, but still not happy with the draw!

Section winners were David Greatorex 17lb and Mark Gregory 15-15

Sunday 3 July 2016



16 Members of Matlock Angling Club fished a away match for the first time for a number of years. This match at Aldercar is one of 3 which the club is offering to pay the pegging Fee for this year in a view to get more people fishing club matches home and away.

With the weather set fine and sunny for once everyone expected some big weights on the Acorn Pond, with Carp and Ide making up most of the weights. Chopped Worm/Castor and Pellets would be the main attack, fishing up in the water.

In joint first place was Nigel Ellis & Dave Clark with a weight of 40-7. Nigel caught mainly Ide on the pole but backed his weight up with 5 Carp. Dave's weight was mainly made up of Carp, 31lb of Carp to be precise. Dave was left slightly disappointed after losing up to 10 Carp.

Dave's net of Carp

Nigel's net of Ide

In third place was Asa Cooper who fed 3 pints of Castors to catch big Ide late on, he also backed his Ide up with 4 Carp.
Pete Hunt weighs 25 lb of Skimmers
Mark Wain on the scales

The two section winners were Mark Wain and James Slack. 
James Slack struggling with his weight of Carp! Get to the Gym!

Sunday 19 June 2016


Asa Cooper wins the League for second consecutive year

The final league match took place today at Cawdor pond. Going into the final match there was only two anglers who could win the league, It was Steve Allcock who went into todays match with a 1 point advantage over Asa Cooper. Steve knowing that if he could just beat Asa or match his result he would take top spot. 

The draw would have a big influence in which way the final league standings would go and it was Asa Cooper who had the luck drawing hot Peg 20, but Steve also drew well on Peg1 in the same section has Asa. The little pond was also expected to fish well and Lee Ward and Malcolm Bent drew well on Pegs 22/23.

The match turned out to be a out and out Carp match and it was Asa Cooper who came out the winner with a superb weight of 34-15. Asa landed 5 Carp for 22lb, but also backed it up with a fine net of silver fish. Not only did Asa win the match he also claimed the golden Peg money, won the match, won the league for a second consecutive year. Although Asa and Steve both finished on 27 points it was Asa that took the honours on combined weight countback.
Lee Ward returns his Carp
Lots of Carp

Steve Allcock knows hes not done enough to beat Asa

Second place went to Lee Ward fishing from Peg 23 on the little pond. Lee attacked from the start fishing the method feeder to the island to land six Carp for 30-13. Coming in third fishing from his favourite Peg 22 was Malc weighing       15-15, Malc left it late to land 3 Carp from  close in under the trees,

The final top 4 placings in the league were

1st         Asa Cooper                   27points

2nd        Steve Allcock               27 points
3rd        Malc Bent                    23 points
4th        Dave Clark                   21 points

                                              Winner Asa Cooper, 2nd Steve Allcock, 3rd Malc Bent

Monday 13 June 2016



Match 5 saw a return to Tansley pond and after the first league match no one was to excited about it! But on a nice sunny warm day there was a few more fish caught and few more bites to be had. 

5-1 of Roach & Perch
Asa Cooper won the match  with a net of small fish mainly roach and perch. Asa fished several lines to catch over 100 fish to weigh 5-1 and just edge out Mark Gregory by 1 ounce who weighed 5-0 from Peg 14. Mark caught well early on and had a few bonus Roach and Skimmers until bites dried up, but it was still enough to take second place.
Asa Cooper try's to convince he's only got 3lb